UO (University of Oregon) diploma/degree frame solid wood customization

68 $


UO(University of Oregon) diploma/degree certificate photo&picture frame solid wood customization,Use hot stamped diploma frames with the school’s name printed on them, pine solid wood outer frame, quality assurance diploma in frame

UO (University of Oregon) diploma/degree frame solid wood customization 150 $ 68 $

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Custom  LU diploma frame in most popular styles with unbeatable prices &high quality. Lingnan University wooden diploma/degree certificate photo&picture frame,Use hot stamped diploma frames with the school’s name printed on them, pine solid wood outer frame, quality assurance diploma in frame.

Instructions before purchase

  1. After the order, please provide customer service with the name of the school of the frame and the certificate size (length * width), customization cycle of about 10-20 days, such as the order is particularly urgent, please explain to customer service.
  2. The following picture frames for our own design and production of the style of the actual picture, currently only accept the following show the custom dioloma frame style, due to too many schools, if you do not see the school you need to customize, please contact customer service, thank you!
  3. The back of the frame is equipped with a wall-mounted metal buckle, does not include a bracket, please note, thank you!
  4. Suitable for 8.5×11 matted certificates or 11×14 unmatched documents.
  5. Photo frame is fragile, default use SF Express.

Photo frame information
Composition: pine wood frame + plexiglass panel + double cardboard + backplane
The frame is a wall mounted frame with hooks and studs, not a tabletop frame, please note before ordering, thank you!

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